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Find out more information about OC Ramps and their ramp rentals.

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Can you add colors to Skatepaint?  When will OC RAMPS comes out with colored Skatepaint?

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Some new custom halfpipes have been built lately by our OC RAMPS Professionals.  Take a look at these images to find out more!


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How do you apply SkatePaint properly?  What tricks will help with the application?

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Check out our recent custom built halfpipe in Huntington Beach. 


Skatepaint provides a clear coat for your wooden skate ramp. It is currently not available in any colors. Many riders wish to turn their ramp into a form of art. We agree you should as well. One customer in particular bought an OC RAMPS mini ramp half pipe. As an artist, he took his drawing board to the half pipe ramp. This is his creation...

Lets face it, if your ramp is made out of wood which is quite probable; your ramp is not going to last forever. Wooden skate ramps need maintenance – the skating surface should be replaced every 2-5 years depending on your weather conditions. What if there was a product that would prolong the life of your plywood? That's exactly what Skatepaint does.

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