Lets face it, if your ramp is made out of wood which is quite probable; your ramp is not going to last forever. Wooden skate ramps need maintenance – the skating surface should be replaced every 2-5 years depending on your weather conditions. What if there was a product that would prolong the life of your plywood? That’s exactly what Skatepaint does.

half_pipe_before_skate_paintSkatepaint comes in a clear coat. It provides a glossy finish to the ramp wood surface

Even the best plywoods out there are not meant to last more than several years. Skatelite, for example, is a product that holds up great to outdoor elements and weather—but even at $175 per sheet, you’ll have to swap it out in 3-5 years. Wooden patios, decks, houses all have sealants on the market available. Skatepaint is the only paint on the market that has been designed specifically for wooden skateboard ramps.

This photo shows an OC RAMPS 16′ wide mini ramp half pipe before the Skatepaint application. This ramp is located along the East coast of the United States – they face a lot of harsh weather; rain, snow, hail, etc. Skatepaint is especially recommended for such locations.

Once the family built this mini ramp, they applied the Skatepaint with a regular paint roller. They then waited a full 24 hours for the ramp paint to cure. The following day, the ramp was ready to skateboard, BMX or scooter!

Half Pipe with Skate PaintAs you can tell by this photo, the mini ramp has a darker gloss finish to it. The texture the Skate Paint leaves is ideal for skateboard urethane wheels. The surface is not slippery or slick. Skatepaint creates a surface that is perfect for skateboards, bikes, scooter or in-line skates.
This east coast family can now enjoy their ramp investment for years to come. Although the ramp paint will protect the wood, it is still recommended to cover the ramp with a plastic tarp during rain/snow.

half_pipe_with_skate_paintWe can say with confidence for this particular ramp, without Skatepaint the surface may last 1-2 years.

With Skatepaint: 2+ years
With Skatepaint and a tarp: 4+ years.
Most ramps that people install take time and money. Overall, a skateboard ramp is an investment. Protect your investment with the only ramp protectant available, Skatepaint.

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