Check out our recent custom built halfpipe in Huntington Beach.

This ramp was built by OC RAMPS for a customer in Huntington Beach. After several days of building it was coated with Skatepaint. This ramp ists 16 feet wide, 4 feet tall with a 6 foot tall extension. We also designed a custom patio/deck going aroung the ramp. Our highly skilled electrician added several flood lights that turn the evenings into day. The lights are aimed directly on the transitions and flat section of the half pipe. What can be better than skating in the evenings! After the project was finished, we finalized everything with a thick coat of SkatePaint. This property in particular is about 3 blocks aways from the ocean- this ramp will face heavy dew every night and morning. The salt water air isn’t ideal for wooden ramps. To protect this ramp we used Skatepaint. Our unique varnish will help prolong the life of this ramp. Protect your ramp with Skatepaint!


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