About OC Ramps Skate Paint – Skateboard Ramp Paint

Skatepaint is a product from OC Ramps, Inc. Tyler Large & family (Owners of OC Ramps, Inc.) have been building Skate ramps in Orange County, California since 1997. Originally, the skateboard ramps were sold pre-built and hand delivered locally in Huntington Beach. After a couple of years Tyler saw the LARGE demand for skate ramps and decided to jump into the broader market.

Our vision is to design and offer high quality wooden skateboard ramps—in easy-to-assemble kits. Why wooden? Because they’re stronger, more durable…and they’re the riding choice of top “pros”! Everything comes included in each skate ramp kit; pre-drilled boards, screws and easy to follow instructions. Every skateboard ramp can be assembled in a couple of hours using a drill.

At OC Ramps, we’re commited to bringing you the thrill and adrenaline rush of skateboarding—right to your home! Enjoy riding and shredding your moves…on your own ramp!

After many years of designing and building skateboard ramps, our customers asked us for a custom paint material that would protect their wood ramps. Skatepaint was born. There are many wood sealants and protectants out on the market- but there are zero brands that have been specifically created to suit the needs of a skateboarder and his/her ramp. Thousands of gallons have been distributed across the globe. Skatepaint will protect your ramp and protect your investment.

OC Ramps Inc. is a family owned business that puts the consumer first. Our mission statement is simple “Provide quality skateboarding equipment at affordable prices”.

For questions or more information, please write us at: info@ocRAMPS.com